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Are there opportunities to progress into different career avenues while at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

I would say that HP is a good place to kickstart a career, but be prepared to move elseware as it can be unstable. I know a number of people who did not make it to 10 years for a broad range of reasons. Starting a career here can provide valuable expertise in many areas of software development.
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What does it take to do well at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

To succeed you have to provide value to the company. For technical roles the way you generally provide value is by solving problems. That could mean resolving incidents, writing code on reporting/monitoring of the systems, continuing to build out the infrastructure, etc. I was capable of solving ...
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At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, can you describe what a day in the life look like for the Big Data team?

Our team is one of many teams involved in the software lifecycle process. We are responsible for the deployment of new software to our production environments. As a team lead I oversee and perform these deployment tasks. We have the Engineering teams that write code and our QA team that runs te...
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How much ownership should I expect as a data analyst at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

It depends entirely on management and yourself. Unfortunately I did see a lot of people try and get out of supporting projects they’ve worked on for years without any proper transitioning. I’ve also seen management support this at times which was also upsetting. My suggestion is to never do this....
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Can I find a mentorship program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

Yes, it does offer mentor-ship program. We can find a mentor for ourselves, depending on the interests. First, need to request if the mentor is willing to guide us through and then connect with him/her on a monthly basis on the progress. Mentor can assign some readings, provide a mini project to ...
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Is there a favorable work-life balance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

HP is a good place to work, if we are dedicated and show good work, the company supports you well. The work-life balance is good, that is they expect 40 hours in a week and maybe sometimes because of work demand they might expect us to put in more hours but we can always compensate for it.
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What exactly does a "Single Owner" do at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

A single owner will be responsible for part of the project, maybe one or two components of the project. If it is a development project, he will have to add in code as per requirements and within the given deadline. The project lead will be mostly following up with his work. If he is a senior in t...
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Just got an interview as a political affairs associate at HP Enterprise, any tips/insights?

Exposure to other lobbyists, lobbying groups/interest groups (e.g. tech industry interest groups), Congress members (both House and Senate), political hearings on Capitol Hill. Being a political activist and using that curiosity of learning about the political process to be a good intern for the ...
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Thoughts on HP Enterprise as a potential place to work after graduating?

I would say HP is a great place to start a career. This is because the company is very well known and is great to have on a resume. Also, large companies provide tons of opportunity for open jobs if you get tired of your first one and often look internally to hire first before looking outside of ...
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Did you receive adequate support from upper management at Hewlett Packard (HP)?

You should not expect too much support at all, it is a learn by yourself as you go kind of company with their average age employee being around 45. The skill sets that most of the employees have their are quite dated and the training i received was inconsistent and minimal.
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As an intern at HP Enterprise, what level of ownership will I have over my project?

HP will completely trust you to do your own work. In fact, when I worked there they trusted me to do my work remotely. My manager was in California and I was in Dallas and we communicated and had update meetings over the phone. They put a lot of trust in the interns to be responsible. You will be...
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